Floor tile restoration

MIPA began in 1992 with a serious mission to make terrazzo floors using the late 19th century techniques and styles they found in historical sources. While staying true to tradition, they have made no compromises on the technical and aesthetic excellence of their production. This type of floor covering characterised the most beautiful of the era’s Liberty-style homes in Europe.
Each day at MIPA expert hands, using copper ladles, work the liquid body mix, then fill the bronze moulds that will reproduce the decorative tiles, Floor tile restoration. It is in this way that something truly original is created, reinventing itself every time with authentic forms, lines and colours, but
always faithful to the secrets of one of the most refined artistic traditions. To complement its innate respect for tradition MIPA is also committed to constant and ongoing research into
technological innovation, generating a steady flow of ideas and projects that encourage marble terrazzo’s evolution.

All ingredients are natural: marble granules and chips, white cement, natural oxides. MIPA’ s role is to merely select those ingredients and the selection process is both difficult and crucial and absolutely necessary to ensure the highest aesthetic and performance standards. The formulation of the body mix is achieved by the careful calculation of dosages and the choice of bonding agents (top quality white cement), the characteristics of marble, Floor tile restoration.

The MIPA body mix is then mixed using devices adapted from the pharmaceutical industry, then is vibrated at a predetermined frequency, compacted using high pressure and then, and most importantly, all excess water and air is removed using highly advanced technological processes. It is then seasoned in special cells with temperature and humidity numerical control.

The removal of water and air markedly reduces the porosity and the degree of absorption. The same process increases enormously the mechanical-physical performance and allows for the formation of tiles with a thickness of 11 mm – a thickness that until a few years ago was considered impossible. As a result the range of applications for marble terrazzo tiles has been notably expanded. At MIPA we all realise the importance
of our task and are committed to the journey that we have undertaken – a journey that seeks to exalt, through design and production techniques, the marble terrazzo culture. Alongside this original concept we are committed to offering new forms and designs that one by one will reveal the enormous aesthetic potential and previously unseen versatility of a product that will enhance our daily lives.
It is certainly a difficult challenge, but a challenge that was the motivation behind the formation of the MIPA Project workshop: art in progress. Culture and tradition, art and history, have always been the concepts with which marble terrazzo identifies itself,and today, thanks to the MIPA workshop, fashion and design have taken their place on this list. A dynamic and untiring team, finely tuned to the world of fashion and trends, and fully aware of marble terrazzo’s enormous potential, develop ideas with the help of young designer and contemporary artist Laura Renna. Ideas that will become projects: it is art that creates design.

The paths of research and new design have led to a welcome collaboration with Stefano Maffei, Venanzio Arquilla and Barbara Parini of M+A+P Designstudio in Milan, with the contemporary image they have created for marble terrazzo blending formal innovation and state of the art technology. The result has all the features of a modern look which still manages to retain the essence of a classic. MIPA has already received much praise from the world of design such as the presence in “ADI Design Index”, the attendance at “PREMIO COMPASSO D’ORO”, “Esposizione the New Italian Design alla Triennale di Milano”, “Premio Impresa & Cultura”. MIPA was the first of its kind to create a true marble terrazzo style, Floor tile restoration and to develop and nurture that style until it became the company’s philosophy and in doing so created the perfect balance between style, culture, design and quality.

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